LISTEN: ‘ANC MP’ gives ‘stupid’ reason why he did not vote against Zuma

LISTEN: ‘ANC MP’ gives ‘stupid’ reason why he did not vote against Zuma

The clip has left EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi in stitches, while some hope it is a prank because the ‘MP’ just sounds ridiculous.

An audio clip of a radio caller claiming to be a member of parliament, explaining why he did not support the no-confidence motion in President Jacob Zuma, has left social media users in shock.

In the clip, the man says he did not understand why such a motion was tabled in the first place as it was irrelevant.

“To provide some insight, the answer is quite simple. How can anyone in their right mind ask us to agree that Jacob Zuma has no confidence? I mean, he has more confidence than anyone I’ve ever met.

“In fact, after yesterday [Tuesday], President Jacob Zuma’s confidence was at an all-time high. So if anyone expects us to vote that Zuma has no confidence must be blind or stupid,” he says.

For more clarity, the presenter again asks the MP if he understood the vote to have been about Zuma having the confidence to lead, to which he responds with a question.

“Is that not what it was about? That President Jacob Zuma is not confident at all and needs to be replaced with someone who can lead with more confidence?” he asks.

The presenter further explains to the MP that the vote was, in fact, about MPs who were saying they no longer had confidence in the president leading the country.

The supposed MP then sighs in disappointment, as if he would have voted in favour of the motion had he known better.

The clip was reshared by EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, who found it hilarious.

Listen to the clip below:

As funny as it is, social media users were left in shock, questioning the calibre of people who are leading the country, if the caller really was an MP and understood the vote to have been about Zuma’s confidence.

Some said it was definitely not an ANC MP, and that it was someone who was just making fun of the ANC. If so, the person deserves an award for satire.

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below:

“What are the requirements before one is appointed an mp again? We are officially a banana republic mos hie so.”

“But that was NOT ANC MP, I was listening too and nearly fell off my chair.”

“If that indeed is an ANC MP then ordinary people are being led by the blinds…… horrible comment….. absolutely shocking.”

“Tjeban and we still wonder how Zuma is our president. He might be a lot of things but when you hear such you realise he is smarter than us.”

“Im hacked by his initial confident response which vanished at the end.”

“I decided this was a prank call. Fake news, if you may.”

“LOL! Obviously this is a joke further confirmed by him not revealing his name or position hence the interviewer cut him in the end.”

“Yazzzi refuse to believe that this guy was serious….the thought frightens me nje. The state of leadership can not be so appalling.”

“This can’t be true. This is a prank. He had so much confidence in his idiocy & loudness. Gosh I hope he’s no MP.”

“Wait a min..Can we ask for the again? Some didn’t understand what it was about. Expect different outcome @.”


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