Eish! 10.8.2017 10:51 pm

WATCH: Hilarious video of ‘Zuma’ singing something a little different

For once it isn’t ‘Inde Lendlela’, but rather a tune the great Frank Sinatra would appreciate.

In a brilliant piece of satire from what is presumably ZANEWS, a puppet Zuma sings a song that would have been perfect had he actually been voted out of office this week.

Many people expected the secret ballot would mean the end of President Jacob Zuma’s presidency, but that plan fell short by fewer than a dozen votes from MPs in parliament on Tuesday.

The lyrics to the tune of the Sinatra classic My Way, were adopted for this puppet skit to: “Now … the end is near, and so I face the final curtain / SA, you’ve been a dear / You built my house / But now I’m hurting / Don’t think I’m going far / I’m gonna find another payday / Ohhhh Guptas! Help me out / I’ll do it your way.”

He then gets back to singing something he’s a little more well known for.

Check it out below:

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