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Cliff Central shocks Twitter with a live orgasm recorded in studio

Goddess L in the Cliff Central studios. Picture: Cliff Central/Sextalk‏ @Sextalk_CliffC

Goddess L in the Cliff Central studios. Picture: Cliff Central/Sextalk‏ @Sextalk_CliffC

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT. The ‘squirting orgasm’ has set social media alight, with many people unable to believe what they’d witnessed.

Online radio station Cliff Central set tongues wagging this week when one of its presenters brought a woman to orgasm live on air and even filmed it in action on Friday.

The content was reminiscent of some of what US shock jock Howard Stern has done on radio in America, pushing the boundaries of what is allowed by broadcasting law. Gareth Cliff said he thought it might be a first anywhere in the world, and it wasn’t just for shock value, but to teach people about improving their sexuality.

Cliff has a new book out called Cliffhanger: Confessions of a Shock Jock.

Since Cliff Central is available only online, it does not have to be limited by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA’s rules. As a result, presenters and guests on Cliff Central are free to swear and discuss and present content that would normally not be allowed on broadcast stations.

Jonti Searll & Tamar present a show on the station called Sex Talk, which comes with a disclaimer that it features adult content.

Searll is described on Cliff Central as having practised and taught “in the healing world for over 25 years” and … his “work has always been an expression of a personal inner journey of healing and growth, exploring a vast range of modalities and ideas”.

Tamar apparently has a “background in the fields of natural health and touch gives her a unique understanding of human nature and the place of pleasure in our lives”.

The show spent some time discussing female orgasms in celebration of “National Orgasm Day” and was introduced with Searll saying: “This is a morning of history being made on Cliff Central this morning … pleasure history!

The lucky recipient of the orgasm was “Goddess L of Minxxx Magic”, which advertises itself as a company that allows you to “Explore your darkest desires & fantasies at our discreet events & private parties. Specializing in all things Non Vanilla.”

A Google search appears to confirm the group arranges swingers parties and things of such a nature.

Searll went into great detail about how to induce a female orgasm – particularly the point that female ejaculate is not the same as urine – before demonstrating how to do it on Goddess L. He warned that it can be “very very dehydrating”, but orgasms can also occur without any ejaculation.

The filming was done as discreetly as possible, though one Twitter user described Searll’s arm moving as though he was trying to make “scrambled eggs”.

Searll said there was a “whole crowd of people gathered outside the window to watch a live squirting orgasm”, which had never been done before in South Africa.

Goddess L said she was excited and quite “aroused. I feel magical,” she said prior to the orgasm.

Later, judging by the woman’s reaction, Searll seemed to know what he was doing.

Breathing heavily, she talked people through the experience, though at one point all she could say was “Ohhhh.”

Cliff was in the studio audience to gauge people’s reactions to the “event” that was apparently showcasing women’s “sexual power”. Cliff said it was terrible that people didn’t have fun sex lives and lots of orgasms.

He emphasised that this was “all about education”.

When the woman started making noises, there were jokes about how the studio audience fell suddenly silent, somewhat enraptured by the spectacle.

The presenters became quite excited about the fact that people could “hear the fluids”.

Tamar said “your breath is amazing … it’s just flowing … it’s beautiful.” She said they would take photos and share them later.

Although the event took place on Friday, it only went crazy when Cliff Central shared the content and the video below on Twitter on Monday.

You can watch the clip below:

Twitter users were rather shocked by what they’d seen. They clearly hadn’t been taking the advice of the presenters and guest to not be ashamed or shocked by female sexuality and the taboos that come with it:

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