#TBT – Size matters: R35 Nando’s plate of chips infuriates customer

This plate of chips is reportedly R34.90 at Nandos Image: Facebook

On closer inspection, it really does look like there are less than 35 chips on that plate.

A year ago Jasveer Morar, a production manager at Kadipore Farms in Walkerville in the south of Johannesburg, was not amused with Nando’s. And it’s was not even a joke.

Saying he has always been a fan of Nando’s jokes, “great food and hearty portions”, Morar felt the joke was on him.

He apparently ordered ‘large chips’ for R34.90, and he “paid with the intention it will be enough”.

“When the order arrived I even asked the waiter if this is correct. She told me that’s the size. I spoke to the manager, and he said Nando’s changed the menu, and this was the size of chips they sold. I understand that inflation affects everyone, but this isn’t fair. I am a farmer,” he wrote on Facebook.

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“I know that potatoes were R120 a bag meaning they were R12 per kg, but the prices have dropped. Currently Potatoes are R80 a bag for the best potatoes. That’s R8 a kg but after you make the chips you charging R100 a kg for your chips.

“And we know you buying in bulk so you not paying R80 for a bag of potatoes. Yes, you are trying to make money on sides, but even your chicken sizes are smaller meaning, that you ripping off your customers off even on your meat. I will support Nando’s again, but only after you drop your prices,” he continued.

He offered the notorious tongue-in-cheek chicken fast-food franchise some advice.

“Please understand that by you guys charging so much for your food, people are not going to be supporting you, and you will end up in a situation where you cannot cover costs, and people will lose jobs.

“I haven’t complained about food in my life, but when something like this happens, I feel that it should be complained about. I hope to hear from you soon.”

In a statement to published in the Daily Voice, Nando’s said: “We have contacted the consumer in question and offered our apologies for the fact that our standard operating procedure was not followed. We have given him Nando’s vouchers to allow him to have a better Nando’s experience.

“At Nando’s we take quality standards and customer experience very seriously. In this case, it seems our standard operating procedure was not followed and an incorrect portion size was served.”

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