Twitter shares hilarious taxi tales



‘There’s always one model C with a twang who picks a fight with the driver and promises to report him to his bosses.’

South Africans have on Friday taken to Twitter to share some of their most memorable taxi moments, and they are hilarious.

One of the common things that happen in a taxi is the driver stopping the taxi in the middle of nowhere or even driving back to a taxi rank just because the collected money was R2 short.

Another money problem in the taxi happens when someone asks how many people R10 is paying for when the taxi fare is R9.

Most complain about being told to get into a taxi by a queue marshal who tells them the taxi is going to their destination, only to fight with a taxi driver who refuses to take them where they are going.

One taxi commuter snitched on a woman who got into a taxi and didn’t greet, then continued to reveal sensitive information over a phone call in the taxi. The woman apparently told her friend on the phone that she lied to her boyfriend, Tshepo, and told him she was visiting her aunt when in fact was visiting her other boyfriend.

The taxi commuter felt disrespected by the woman for not greeting, so he snitched on the woman on social media and even described what she was wearing on the day. To date, we’re not sure if the message got to the boyfriend who was lied to.

Check out some of the things people have experienced:

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