WATCH: Pizza, KFC, cake as family celebrates deceased’s birthday at his grave



‘How old are you now?’ Sings the family as they clap.

A video of a family gathered at a man’s grave and throwing him a birthday party has left many on social media with questions.

In the video circulating on Facebook, a family can be seen singing a gospel song before they erupt into a ‘happy birthday’ song for the deceased.

Children and adults sing the birthday song, as toddlers can be seen playing on the man’s tomb. The family goes as far as asking the diseased how old he is.

Pizza, KFC and a birthday cake are placed on the tomb as the family celebrates this man’s life.

The video, viewed over 40 000 times, seems to have been taken last week, as the man’s birthday, according to what’s written on the tomb, was on June 12.

The video has left some upset, slating those who were apparently making fun of the family’s way of grieving.

A Facebook user, presumably a family member who was also part of the celebration, commented saying the family did what they did because the deceased was a good man.

“Yah it’s because he has done good things in the family. He was a great, kind, loving and peaceful man and, wherever he is, he is happy that we still remember him and we still love him…..that is called a really love ……and its obvious that you never loved your dad or mother or maybe is that your dad or mother never loved you nxa.

“All the things we do we do it because of love he gave us and the love we gave him…….you will never understand because you never being loved like this or you never love someone like this … And we will keep do this no matter what happens or what people say out here [sic all].

“And even yesterday [Sunday] we were visiting him to celebrate Father’s Day …..and it’s because of love…….and remember that God is watching you with all the things you do to other people …….and remember we do it all because of love,” they said.

Watch the video below:


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