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WATCH: What to do when a performer picks your man from audience



This woman should have just performed without picking another woman’s man.

It’s always sweet and fun when a performer picks a lady or guy from the audience and serenades them on stage – but only if the “victim” did not bring their partner to the concert.

In a video that is circulating on social media, Michelle Angella Downer, more popularly known as D’angel, can be seen on stage performing Eugene Wilde’s hit song Gotta Get You Home Tonight when she picks a guy from the audience and calls him on stage.

She continues singing while the guy looks like he’s trying to figure out what to do – knowing the girlfriend is watching.

He then starts dancing along to D’Angel’s very seductive moves, and maybe gets into it just a little too much.

Watch how the girlfriend reacts in the video posted on Facebook by Teatime below:

She definitely won’t be taking this one home tonight.

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