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Woman tries to buy house for R100

RDP file picture: Pretoria North Rekord.

RDP file picture: Pretoria North Rekord.

All she had to do was pay the brothers R100 for drugs and the house would be hers, she thought.

A 36-year-old woman was saved from mob justice after trying to buy a house for R100. The woman, from Protea City, Soweto, allegedly gave brothers Justice, 26, and Thabo Rakgalakane, 24, R100 to buy drugs and made them sign an affidavit, saying they would sell her the house.

The brothers were being looked after by an elderly member of the community, whose title deed the house was in, so she held on to the papers, and the rumours spread like wildfire in the community.

The community almost beat her up on Sunday, and when police came to her rescue, the woman, who allegedly admitted to taking the brothers’ ID books, reportedly told the community she would hold on to them until the brothers paid her money back.

Police told Daily Sun, the woman had been given seven days to return the ID books to the brothers.

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