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WATCH: ANC Women’s League march ends in fight over T-shirts

FILE PICTURE: ANC Women's League members. Picture: Refilwe Modise.

FILE PICTURE: ANC Women's League members. Picture: Refilwe Modise.

The ruling party must just ensure they have enough T-shirts to cover the marchers if they want to keep the peace.

The goal was simple for the ANC Women’s League as they arrived at the Constitutional Court on Wednesday morning: to support their leader Bathabile Dlamini.

The minister is in court to answer questions in relation to the unresolved social grants saga. Many are waiting to hear how the minister will respond to questions pertaining to a new contract with a service provider that will administer the payments of social grants.

The current contract with Cash Paymaster Services  (CPS) will expire at the end of this month.

The women’s league was waiting outside in song and dancing until they were distracted by T-shirts. In a video, the women can be seen fighting over the T-shirts that look like they were running out.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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