Eish! 8.3.2017 01:37 pm

WATCH: How to deal with motorists who don’t respect pedestrian crossings



Don’t say we have advised you to do this after you get into trouble.

Some motorists really have no regard for the pedestrian crossing and never wait for pedestrians to cross or give them right of. If you’re lucky, they stop, but still end up on the line. This is a problem, especially if there is dangerous traffic on the road being joined.

A video that has resurfaced on social media shows a motorist doing exactly this, but then he encounters pedestrians who have had enough of this behaviour. Instead of going out of their way to cross the road, they climb on to the car and cross the road as if this is the most normal thing in the world.

Well, both sides are wrong in this case, but anyway…

Watch the video posted on YouTube by Edco0328 below:

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