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20 Feb 2017
3:26 pm

WATCH: Why you should never celebrate before crossing finish line

Citizen reporter

Ladies and gentlemen, heed this lesson.


An old video that has resurfaced on social media has taught a painful yet valuable lesson: it is not over until you cross the finish line.

In the video taken on the island of Barbados during a marathon, two women can be seen celebrating and holding hands while nearing the finish line, presumably to cross it together and make it a tie. However, what they did not realise was that they celebrated too soon.

Amanda, according the commentator, had not given up on winning the race, so she gave it her all. She quickly caught up with the duo and won the race by just a few seconds. The Canadian duo was left shocked, while everyone else celebrated.

Watch the hilarious video posted on Rickey Smiley Official FanPage below: