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20 Feb 2017
1:46 pm

Miracle worker’s water helps ‘Idris Elba’ start great businesses in SA

Citizen reporter

According to the ad, the actor only paid R600 for a bottle and now owns five taxis and a supermarket.

FILE PIC: English acor Idris Elba. Picture: AFP PHOTO

If you thought you had seen it all in South Africa, think again. There is an advertisement circulating on Twitter of a supposed testimony from Idris Elba claiming to have been helped by a Dr Saleh start a big supermarket and a taxi business. The ad uses his picture and explains how he used “Dr Saleh’s miracle water” to sort out his financial problems.

Here we were thinking Elba was a British actor in line to be the first black James Bond, but no, he is in fact a taxi and supermarket owner in South Africa.

Either that, or he has a twin brother here who is. Perhaps he needs to explain.

The testimony reads:

“I was working, but I could not save any money because of my debts. My life changed when DR Saleh and Mama came to my house. He gave me a miracle water that costed R600 and he told me to wash myself and my family with it. Dr Saleh told me to start a small family business of my own and in only one year, I managed to raise enough money to start up a big supermarket. Presently I am owning about 5 taxis, have my own big house fully paid. Now I live a stress free life with my family and all my kids are in good schools [sic].”