Citizen reporter
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9 Feb 2017
10:36 pm

Sign language interpreter gives us Sona’s big ‘f*ck you!’

Citizen reporter

At least there's one sign that most of us don't need to go to sign language school to understand.

The sign language 'word' that got Twitter talking. Picture: Twitter

It’s not yet clear which ANC MP it was that started shouting “fuck you” at DA MP John Steenhuisen, who was also called a “racist”, in the lead-up to President Jacob Zuma’s state of the nation address, but the moment has gripped social media.

The DA MPs refused to be addressed by President Jacob Zuma after the EFF was manhandled out of the House by parliamentary protection services. Led by leader Mmusi Maimane, they left parliament on their own.

Before Speaker Baleka Mbete ordered them out of the National Assembly, there were cries of “fuck you!” from the ANC benches, while another MP shouted at Mmusi Maimane calling him a “sellout” and a “racist”, along with other DA MPs.

Hilariously, while this was going on, the SABC sign language interpreter stayed true to his task and interpreted it all perfectly accurately. We doff our hat to the man. After all, deaf South Africans also deserve to know just what a circus the legislative arm of government has become.

Truly, this is the state of the nation!