WATCH: Robber picks wrong day to steal money



Some days are just not good for those who steal and rob for a living.

This man went to a supermarket with one goal in mind: steal money from a cashier the moment they open the cash register. In a video circulating on social media, this man decided to stand behind a cashier who was helping another customer, waiting for him to open the cash register so he could take the money.

All goes according to plan as he takes out a knife and points it at the cashier, who lets him take a few notes. What he doesn’t know is that standing in the queue behind him is a man who has a gun. Before the robber knows it, he has a gun pointed at him, so he drops the knife and sadly, the money.

Watch the video posted on Instagram by DJ Mahoota below:

A video posted by djmahoota (@djmahoota) on

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