Citizen reporter
1 minute read
18 Jan 2017
4:11 pm

WATCH: Taxi driver gets beating for ‘trying to own the road’

Citizen reporter

'Do you own the road?' asks the imposing man as he gives the taxi driver a serious beating.


Video footage has emerged of a man beating a taxi driver in his parked taxi. The man started beating him from the driver’s window until the driver could not take it anymore, so he used the other door to get out of the taxi.

As he thought he was safe and out of the mess he had allegedly created, his attacker can be seen following him and giving him a few slaps while a few people stood there and watched.

It is not clear what the driver had done, but we can hear his attacker saying: “Do you think you own the road?”

Watch the video below posted by Police Pics And Clips on YouTube.