WATCH: This phone thief should’ve known victim had Kung Fu skills

Phone thief

Phone thief

The phone thief will think twice before snatching a cellphone from someone in future.

A man in China stole a phone from a motorist and got away on his motorbike. According to YouTube channel People’s Daily, the motorist spotted the man taking his phone from the cab of his truck and saw him driving off on the bike.

He got away for a moment, until the motorist spotted him again driving past later in the day.

CCTV footage from Foshan in Guangdong, south China, shows the motorist getting in the way of the biker, waiting for a perfect moment before climbing on to the front of the bike and ramming his butt into the biker’s face.

The biker, who was clearly not expecting his victim to make an appearance, fell to the ground with the (very much former) victim and the motorist took back his phone.

Watch the video below:

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