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DJ Zinhle slates hater who changes his profile pic to a puppy

DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram.

DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram.

We do not think the hater was expecting the response he got from the Colours hit maker.

DJ Zinhle is celebrating her birthday in Soweto on the 30th and everyone is invited. She has been promoting the party on Twitter, receiving positive comments from her fans who said they would definitely be attending.

However, one hater thought it would be wise to mention DJ Zinhle’s baby daddy, AKA, and she was not impressed. The hater responded to her invitation and asked if he could bring AKA along to the party. A comment that was deemed “unnecessary” by Zinhle’s fans.

She responded and told him to bring his “manhood” instead, further telling him to stop being petty.


Shem, the poor guy clearly was not expecting Zinhle to burn him like that, so out of embarrassment, he changed his Twitter profile picture to a puppy. What he did not realise was that Twitter had already taken a screenshot of his original avi.


He clearly has not been following Zinhle, the woman who has been saying in interviews that she is in a good space and any negativity is not needed.

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