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‘I almost kissed the president’

A picture of President Jacob Zuma and 
Mamokgethi Phakeng. Picture: Twitter

A picture of President Jacob Zuma and Mamokgethi Phakeng. Picture: Twitter

Zakes Mda says he has been left feeling discriminated against.

President Jacob Zuma has a habit of finding himself in awkward positions with women. A picture circulating on social media shows the president standing awkwardly close to Mamokgethi Phakeng, who shared the picture, with his arms around her.

When people who are lovers stand in that position, we know things are about to get down.

Phakeng shared the picture on Monday with the caption: “What a year 2016 was!? I almost kissed the president and then I realised that y’all were watching #2017moments”.


Poet Zakes Mda commented on the picture, saying the president had discriminated against him.

“This is discrimination of the first order. I had to face the opposite direction when he was doing this to me,” he said.

It was a good thing that Mda faced the opposite direction as that alone saved the rand, according to Phakeng.

What is really happening in the picture is that the president was putting a medal around Phakeng’s neck, only that she should have faced the opposite direction.

Now it looks as though the two were about to kiss.

Mathematician Phakeng is, among other things, the deputy vice-chancellor of research and internationalisation at UCT. She was being given the Order of the Baobab (Silver) by Zuma for her research and community work.

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One of her followers said the emphasis on the word “almost” saved the president “added drama”. They may have been referring to a possibly photoshopped picture that recently circulated on social media of the president hugging a woman from behind.

Some alleged that the woman in the picture was SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni, but most agreed it was not her. The president has, on many occasions, been accused of having an affair with the embattled chairperson of SAA.

However, Myeni has made it clear and has reiterated that there is no affair between her and the president.

Zwelinzima Vavi also came out in support of the president at the time, saying the picture was photoshopped, also calling to order those who were sharing the picture.

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