Six years of no sex causes damage

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Joseph said he was forced to make the decision to marry a younger woman, as his needs as a man were not being met.

Lucy Mkhondo has come out to complain about her husband of 21 years, Joseph Mkhondo, who married a younger woman on Saturday without his first wife’s knowledge.

The 53-year-old woman said she was not even aware her husband was making wedding arrangements when her friends told her the heartbreaking news.

Lucy told Daily Sun she was devastated after the discovery, as she had always treated her husband like a king. The two met in 1981 and have seven children who are all over the age of 18. They were both virgins when they got married in 1991.

Speaking to the publication, 63-year-old Joseph said his new wife would not change anything between him and his first wife. In fact, he said he still took care of them. The problem, according to him, is that the two had not had sex in six years. As a result, he was forced to marry the younger wife who he said satisfied his needs as a man.

He also felt he should not have to explain himself, as he was a grown man, and his culture allowed him to take a second wife.

His new wife, Olga Maputle, reportedly told the tabloid she was aware that Joseph had a wife but did not want to talk about it.

In another case, there were reports of Nompumelelo Zulu-Khumalo from Inchanga, west of Durban, who only found out about her husband’s new wife as he walked down the aisle in a wedding that was broadcast on Our Perfect Wedding.

Like any other, Zulu-Khumalo said their love story started as a fairy tale, though they did not have money and could not afford an expensive and luxurious wedding like the one he had on Sunday. Nkululeko paid lobola and got married in 2008 in a marriage that was registered at home affairs.

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