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Twitter calls for e.tv to bring back adult movies

Picture: iStock

Picture: iStock

Why the channel thought it was a good idea to can the movies when data has not yet fallen remains a mystery.

E.tv’s decision to remove adult movies from its scheduling has left a reminiscing Twitter unimpressed.

Some have said it should never have been done, as the movies used to play so late, while others maintain the channel made the right decision.

Here at The Citizen we actually weren’t sure whether these adult movies are still a thing on the channel, but the hashtag #BringBackR18MoviesOnETV, it seems, has been trending mostly due to nostalgia.

Everyone seems to have a story about the good old days when you could watch naughty movies late at night on a Friday on free-to-air TV.

Not everyone was into the idea: “You want porn on general tv are you stupid or non thinking? Horny energy suppressing brain cells? #BringBackR18MoviesOnETV,” tweeted poet Ntsiki Mazwai.

Those who were left robbed used the hashtag #bringbackr18movies to share their fondest memories of the movies and how they used to watch them without getting caught.

Most of the tweeps say they used to leave the living room and go to their rooms early to create the impression that they were gone for good, only to wait for their parents to go to bed so they could go back to the living room to watch the movies.

Most of them also said they would make sure to have the volume on its lowest so they could quickly switch off the TV to avoid getting caught. The light would stay off throughout the movie too.

“My gran’s tv had such poor e.tv signal but I spent hours ensuring the ariel [sic] is positioned correctly for midnight,” is perhaps the funniest comment on the hashtag.

Below are some of the comments on Twitter:







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