PIC: ‘Zuma’ hugs woman from behind, stuns Twitter

A said photoshopped picture of President Jacob Zuma covering a woman.

A said photoshopped picture of President Jacob Zuma covering a woman.

Is this Zuma with his hand on a woman’s breast? Vavi says the picture has clearly been photoshopped.

It’s retweets and more retweets! A picture of “President Jacob Zuma” affectionately embracing an unknown woman from behind has caused a riot of talk on social media.

Is it photoshopped? Well, former Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima thinks the picture has indeed been photoshopped. The right hand also looks a bit suspiciously blurry too (actually, the whole picture looks a bit too blurry to seem real).

In the picture, the provenance of which cannot be established, “Zuma” can be seen smiling behind the woman, with one hand across the lady’s waist and another on one of her breasts.

This isn’t the first picture of Zuma with an unidentified woman that has got social media in a spin. The last was of him with a 17-year-old.

Some have even alleged that the woman in the picture is SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni, but most agree it can’t possibly be her. They really don’t resemble each other enough. The president has, on many occasions, been accused of having an affair with the embattled chairperson of SAA. However, Myeni has made it clear and reiterated that there is no affair between her and the president.

None of that stopped sports journalist Neal Collins from tweeting the picture with the comment: “Yes, @flysaa head Dudu Myeni is doing a great job @sapresident @Zwelinzima1 @BizNewsCOM @helenzille.”

Vavi responded to Collins, saying: “Order Order Neil this is photoshopped.”


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