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19 Oct 2016
8:18 am

Keegan explains ‘warrapened’ in that fight

Citizen reporter

The Keegan who dished out a hot 'klap' to his friend in a viral video has explained his buddy said something about his wife he shouldn't have.

#WarrapenKeegan what did you do?

East Coast Radio managed to track down one of the Keegans from the video that has been trending in Mzansi to ask him “warrapened” during the fight that everyone’s been laughing about.

Keegan joked at first that he also didn’t know. He said: “I wake up every morning, I look in the mirror and I ask myself: ‘Warrapened Keegan?’ So I’m also trying to find out what happened.”

He then explained that the fight started because “they picked on my wife, actually. We were having a few beers and it just got out of hand.”

He said he didn’t want to go into details on air about the guy he’d fought with, “because he’s my friend … ja, I don’t want to disappoint him”.

The show’s host asked him often did he “klap your friend like that”.

“No, it’s the first time I got into a fight like that.” Keegan then blamed his temper and reaction on a childhood obsession with the Japanese action animation show Dragon Ball Z. “I changed colour there, didn’t you see?” he said to much laughter.

Keegan said he was suddenly so famous that even his own family wanted his autograph. “Look at that!”

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Check out the video if you haven’t yet:

Listen to the full, hilarious interview, on East Coast Radio here.