Twitter not impressed with Nando’s Babes-inspired ad

Nando's ad. Picture: Twitter

Nando's ad. Picture: Twitter

One Twitter user said South Africans were so mad at the food chain they didn’t find their ads funny anymore.

Nando’s is known for integrating trends in their advertisements. Their ads are mostly hilarious, but it seems Twitter is not impressed this time around.

Babes Wodumo, aka National Treasure, has had almost everything and most people named after her now. While some names such as Babes weStrength for DJ Zinhle and Babes weNdumiso for Rebecca Malope are funny, some such as Babes weCorruption for President Jacob Zuma and Babes Wokufa for Kelly Khumalo are just cringeworthy.

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Nando’s has now jumped on to the trend and named itself Ubabes Wobumndandi (Babes of Goodness) and Twitter is not impressed.

One user replied to the food chain’s Twitter post, saying they liked things. In response, they said things liked them.

While some acknowledged that the ad was a wise marketing move for the food chain, they also criticised it for its “high prices”.

One user replied, telling the food chain to rather call itself Babes Wokudura (expensive), with some just advising it to cut its prices.

One said they didn’t even find the ads funny any more because of the “high prices”.

“Babes Wokudura.

“Babes weSmall Pieces.

“Babes we-Oily Garlic Rolls.

“Babes weDry Chips,” tweeted‏ @Khuze_Elikhulu, getting a retweet from Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula.

Here are some of the responses from Twitter:


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