Our Perfect Wedding: Uzzi haircuts astonish viewers

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

You know a brand has reached legendary status when people do the marketing for it without lifting a finger.

As people from Limpopo were still celebrating Caster Semenya’s gold medal, it seems others were busy plotting how they would spoil the celebrations. First, comedian Loyiso Gola thought it would be wise to tweet about witchcraft, a well-worn Limpopo stereotype.

“Some of you took a break from witchcrafting to watch Caster. She really did unite the nation. Fly safely back to Limpopo,” he tweeted. He did not expect the backlash that came after that.

Then Mzansi’s favourite wedding show Our Perfect Wedding came on. We’ve seen it all on the show; from the gold-tooth craze, bling, dresses and weaves bought in Dubai and 3D make up, to the Mini Cooper food warmers and last night, what seemed to be an Uzzi-sponsored wedding.

You know a label has made it when it does not have a TV ad and still makes it to the Twitter trends list.

Association between Uzzi and criminals were made last year when the Emmanuel Sithole murder-accused appeared in court wearing Uzzi jerseys. The brand was spotted again when Andrew Chimboza, a man accused of killing a man, cutting his heart in pieces and eating it, appeared in court wearing an Uzzi jersey.

These two cases cast a black cloud on the Uzzi brand. But last night’s couple on Our Perfect Wedding took it a step further, and one could have sworn the label had sponsored the event.

Not only were many people spotted wearing Uzzi branded clothes, but they even had Uzzi-branded haircuts. The barber trimmed the words UZZI on the kids’ head, and this was more than viewers could handle.

This is how Twitter responded:









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