Kruger National Park book goes digital

Get your kindles at the ready, the ‘Historical Sites of the Kruger National Park’ book is now available as an e-book on Amazon.

Although the book is all about historical sites and things of old, it is now available to all modern-day Kruger-goers in digital format, Letaba Herald reports.

Alongside wildlife apps, one can now own the fascinating book by Ron Hopkins on a digital device.

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It is an absolute must-have to add another dimension to your Kruger Park experience. In the book, Ron Hopkins brings to life the rich and varied stories behind sixty historical sites mapped and identified for the traveller’s enjoyment.

Each chapter begins with GPS coordinates and links to a numbered site identified on a map of each of the key sections of the Kruger National Park, Northern, Central and Southern Sections.

Hopkins meticulously documents the facts and figures, men and women, animals and place names, legendary characters and stories, that bring each site to life. He includes prospectors, adventurers, brave hunters, scoundrels, thieves, wars, indigenous peoples, trekkers and benefactors, each with their own unique story to tell.

The book can be downloaded, in English and Afrikaans, by searching the book title name on Amazon.

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