Turn your smartphone into a security camera

To save costs, don’t get rid of your old smartphone, rather turn it into a home security camera.

Security is an essential component in ensuring safety in your home. Not everyone can afford to install top notch security, but there are creative ways around that.

According to Rosebank Killarney Gazette, cellphones are the answer to your security constraints.

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Just like cars, their resale value is always far lower than when you purchased it. Some old phones have cracked screens and may not function as well as they used to, but that is not reason enough to let them sit idle. Put them to good use and create your own home security camera.


  1. Make sure you find a good spot in your home where you can view as much as you can. Station your cellphone in a place that has a good film range. Purchase a tripod or stand to mount it.
  2. There are several apps you can choose from that can turn your phone into a security camera. Choose an app from Google Play Store or iTunes, download and install the app on your phone. You can choose from any of these free apps:

Home Security Camera

IP Web Cam


Tiny Cam monitor

3. Follow the instructions after installation and make sure your phone is able to film on standby and that your screen doesn’t go into screensaver mode.

4.  Your phone has to be charged at all times in order for it to function as a security camera. It will be running 24 hours a day and can drain your battery.

5. Make sure you are connected to the internet and that your data works so that your apps are also able to work.

6. With an iPhone, you are be able to use the Led Flashlight at the back of your phone to capture film when it’s dark other wise just switching on a light at home should work.

7. Make sure you have installed the apps on another cellphone or tablet so that you can monitor your security camera remotely whenever you want.

Watch the tutorial video below:

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