WATCH: Taxi driver goes ballistic on M2 in Johannesburg

A screenshot from the video depicting the incident on the M2 highway.

A screenshot from the video depicting the incident on the M2 highway.

A video of what is thought to be a road rage incident on the M2 highway in Johannesburg has surfaced on social media.

A video has surfaced of an alleged road rage incident that took place on the M2 highway, North Eastern Tribune reports.

The date of the incident is currently unknown. The clip depicts a taxi driver beating up a commuter on the Rissik Street on-ramp along the M2 highway. In the video, the taxi driver pushes the victim to the ground and proceeds to kick him.

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The video was posted on the Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page.

The North Eastern Tribune contacted Metro police spokesperson chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar, who said that they were unaware of the incident but will follow up.

He said, “It is important that motorists bear in mind that they share the roads with other commuters, including pedestrians, bus drivers, and motorcyclists. It is important to be courteous and responsible on our roads.

“When it comes to a driver breaking the rules of the road, it’s is not up to commuters to handle the situation. It must be handled by the Metro police.”

Minnaar said commuters should contact them on 011 375 5911 if they see anyone breaking the law.

Watch the video below: 

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