Police plane damages windows at Wonderboom Airport

Wonderboom Airport

Wonderboom Airport

The blast from a police Cessna didn’t do any favours to one of the airport buildings.

The Pretoria North Record has confirmed that a building at Wonderboom airport was damaged in an accident involving a police aircraft.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning and involved a police Cessna Citation Sovereign.

“It is alleged the pilot was taxiing to a runway to take off when he noticed a grey trailer (used for loading vehicles) obstructing his way,” said police spokesperson Lt Col Katlego Mogale.

The pilot had to slow down, she said. In doing so, he had to increase the thrust and the resulting back blast damaged the windows of a nearby building.

The pilot – described as “experienced” and “highly qualified” – was informed of what had happened by the tower, but wasn’t told to turn around.

Instead, the plane was cleared for take-off.

The incident was being investigated by the SAPS Airwing, SAPS Sinoville, Civil Aviation as well as the owners of the damaged building.

No injuries were reported.


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