Partial road closures in Randburg

Image: Randburg Sun

Image: Randburg Sun

Expect partial road closures for this weekend’s Hot Legs Run.

The Douglasdale Community Policing Forum has issued an alert for partial road closures ahead of this weekend’s Hot Legs Run on Sunday, 4 March, Randburg Sun reports.

The route will begin and end at St. Stithians College in Randburg, and part of the route will pass through the Douglasdale area.

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Starting time for both the 15km and 32km will be at 6am, while the starting time for the 5km will be at 8am.

See below the list of roads that will be impacted:

Start north-west on Nursery Lane, crossover Bram Fischer Drive
0.04km continue onto North Avenue
1.08km right onto Milner Road and immediately left onto Chester
1.51km left onto Anchor Road
1.99km Anchor Road turns slightly right and becomes Roos Street
2.39km left onto Roos Street/Vale Avenue
3.08km right onto Oxford Street
3.26km right onto Eton Avenue
3.71km continue onto Rocky Street
3.9km left onto Long Avenue
4.3km right onto Oxford Street
4.49km right onto West Avenue
5.73km right onto North Street
5.85km left onto Long Avenue
6.23km right onto Poplar Street
6.45km left onto Cork Avenue
6.62km right onto Spruce Street
6.91km right onto Cedar Street
7.21km right onto Aspen Street
7.84km slight left onto Cypress Avenue
8.04km left onto Kays Avenue
9.09km left onto Chapel Avenue
10.09km continue straight onto Curzon Road
10.67km left onto Ness Avenue
10.81km slight right onto Comrie Road
11.04km right onto Hornbill Road
12.33km right onto Leslie Avenue
15.19km right onto Troupant Avenue
16.13km slight right onto Sangster Road
16.79km right onto Robin Road
16.82km right onto Main Road/M71
18.26km left onto Culross Road
18.5km left onto Ebury Avenue
19.46km right onto Cowley Road
21.38km continue onto 12th Avenue
22.68km right onto Rivonia Road/M9
23.99km right onto 7th Avenue, continue onto Coleraine
24.8km right onto Bryanston Drive
25.66km at the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto St James Crescent
25.74km left onto The River Road
27.12km continue onto West Hertford Road
28.3km left onto Hobart Road
28.72km right onto Ballyclare Drive
29.07km left onto Old Kilcullen Road
29.47km right onto Witney Street
30.08km left onto Bath Street
30.16km left onto Halifax Street
30.5km right onto Daniel Street
30.91km continue onto Banbury Street
31.14km left onto Brian Street
31.35km right onto Peter Place
31.62km left onto Nursery Lane
31.73km left into the St Stithians gate
32km finish.

Map of the affected roads. Photo: Douglasdale CPF Sector 4

Map of the affected roads. Photo: Douglasdale CPF Sector 4


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