18-year-old allegedly raped both Mooinooi murder victims

Burnt bones believed to be those of Joey van Niekerk, 32, and Anisha van Niekerk, 30, were found in the bushes near Mooinooi. Photo: SAPS

An 18-year-old accused in the Mooinooi double murder case allegedly raped both Anisha (30) and Joey (32) van Niekerk .

Colonel Isaac Tlhape told the court during the bail applications of the eight suspects in the kidnapping and murder case that the accused was going to flee soon after the two women’s disappearance, Kormorant reports.

“He told me during an interview after his arrest that he was given R800 after the incident to go away until further notice.” He said the police found goods in the 18-year-old’s possession that were bought with the victims’ bank cards.

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The 18-year-old worked for the so-called 52-year-old ‘mastermind’ behind the murders of the couple on their farm in Mooinooi. The panelbeater rented a workshop on the farm of  the two women.

According to the investigating officer, the 18-year old is an illegal foreigner who entered South Africa illegally from Mozambique.

“If he is let out on bail, he will flee South Africa the same way he entered. He doesn’t have work as his boss is with him in the dock and he used to live with his boss whose property is still a crime scene and when out on bail he might know where evidence were hidden and will tamper with it.”

Tlhape testified that the fourth suspect went on a spending spree with the bank card that belonged to the victims. The card was given to him by suspect number one who was in a relationship with the fourth suspect’s sister. “When he went on this spending spree, he knew who the card belonged to. He spent money without worrying, even putting petrol into another car. “After his arrest he gave me the slip from the ATM where the card was swallowed, as well as the pin. We have photos of his spending spree.”

Tlhape said it his opinion that the suspect was a flight risk and that he would kill the people who saw him on the shopping spree. “He also won’t have work at the mine anymore. If we did not arrest the other suspects he would have been the main suspect as he had the woman’s bank card in his possession.”

The fourth suspect had a previous conviction of theft in 2001 and was sentenced to 12 month imprisonment suspended for four years.

The bail applications continue on Monday, 5 March.


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