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More than R800k stolen from City paid back

The mayor said two ex-staff members were part of a syndicate who swindled money from a customer’s account to an attorney’s trust account.

A firm that received fraudulent transfers of more than R800 000 from two employees who worked for the City of Johannesburg’s group finance department, has returned the full amount, City Buzz reports.

The two employees were suspended late January on a charge of fraudulently transferring the sum from a customer’s account to a company of attorneys.

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Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba said this was not just a victory for the City, but a victory for residents and the rule of law.

“This strengthens my belief in the value of ensuring that the Group Forensic and Investigation Services (GFIS) department be further capacitated to address the over 2 500 cases before it,” Mashaba said.

“Added to this, I believe that GFIS should be further capacitated with its own Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU), which will be responsible for recovering money and assets stolen from the City.”

The unit will now ensure that funds are recouped to ensure that service delivery continues unhindered, especially services to the poorest and most vulnerable of our residents, he said.

The mayor said charges have been laid against the employees, and the investigation service is on the trail of the external individuals who were a part of the syndicate.

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