Solar cooker donations help Lesotho grannies

Solar cooker donations help Lesotho grannies

Margaret Bennett has been working with Carol Pritchard for 12 years to help grandmothers in Lesotho.

Pritchard and Bennett send solar-powered stoves to Lesotho.

Benoni resident Margaret Bennett is working with Canadian-born Carol Pritchard to provide grandmothers in Lesotho with solar-powered stoves, Benoni City Times reports.

The Raging Grannies and the Sunstove Organisation are the two organisations behind the project.

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Raging Grannies is a Canadian organisation comprising mostly of grandmothers who protest inequality and fight for human rights.

The branch involved in this project is the Salt Spring Island Raging Grannies.

“I met Margaret in 2006, we have been working together since,” Pritchard said.

She relies on funding from the Raging Grannies and donations from her community in Canada.

Pritchard explained how the project turned into a more personal affair.

She said donors send letters to the grandmothers in Lesotho.

Pritchard also admitted that these can be challenging to deliver, as the letters need to be translated.

Senders also include photos of themselves and of Canada.

In Lesotho, grandmothers must often care for children orphaned by HIV/Aids.

Bennett said the Sunstove Solar Cookers are ideal for preparing meals for large groups of people.

She also explained the cookers are safe, healthy, user-friendly, eco-friendly, affordable, durable and portable.

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