Compromising photo surfaces of schoolteacher and learner in bedroom

Compromising photo surfaces of schoolteacher and learner in bedroom

The photo that was circulated on social media allegedly depicting a teacher and learner. (Photo: Supplied)

The school in question is West Ridge High School in Roodepoort.

A disturbing photo was leaked on WhatsApp, allegedly of a teacher from a well-known high school in Roodepoort hugging a female learner from behind. The girl is wearing only a T-shirt and the alleged teacher is in his pyjama pants and a T-shirt, Roodepoort Record reports.

The surname of the man in the photo is known.

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By the time the photo reached the Record, furious parents had already passed it on to the Gauteng department of education (GDE).

The school’s phones are apparently out of order and the school could not be reached for comment.

The Gauteng department of education promptly responded to the allegations.

In a statement yesterday, spokesperson Steve Mabona said: “The department is disappointed and disturbed to learn of another picture circulating on social media, allegedly involving a learner and an educator in a compromising position, this time from West Ridge Secondary School. We will dispatch a dispute management team to the school to establish facts around the allegation and the outcome will determine the action.

“The Employment of Educators Act 76 OF 1998 forbids personal relations of a sexual nature between educators and learners, even if the learner consents to sex. Any Educator who a) commits an act of sexual assault on a learner, student or other employee; or b) engages in a sexual relationship with a learner of the school where he or she is employed, partakes in serious misconduct and must be dismissed if he or she is found guilty. School managers have a legal and ethical duty to report such cases to the authorities,” said Mabona.

“The Department has a zero-tolerance stance on allegations of sexual assault and strongly condemns any acts of sexual misconduct in schools.

“It is inappropriate for educators to partake in sexual relations with learners. Educators must not be distracted from their core mandate, refrain from all types of misconduct and focus on learning and teaching. We will monitor the situation,” he concluded.

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