Illegal immigrant arrested for bribing police officer

File photo: Bianca Pindral

File photo: Bianca Pindral

Kagiso police made it clear that bribing police officials will not be taken lightly especially with the new station commander’s efforts to clean up the town.

In an effort to rid the City of corrupt police officers, drugs and prostitution, Kagiso police in Krugersdorp made it clear that bribing police officials would not be taken lightly when they arrested an illegal immigrant on Tuesday, 30 January, Krugersdorp News reports.

“The 22-year-old found himself on the wrong side of the law when he tried to bribe a police officer into letting him remain in the country unlawfully,” said Captain Solomon Sibiya, spokesperson for the Kagiso Police Station.

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“Our members were patrolling at Tshepisong West Phase 3 when they noticed a young man looking suspicious and stopped him.

“When they questioned his residence and citizenship, he produced a passport from a nearby neighbouring state and gave it to the police.”

The document had no stamp or authorisation for the suspect to be in the country. When he realised that he was about to be arrested, he produced cash notes to bribe the police. The police in turn arrested and later detained him at Kagiso Police Station.

A case docket of bribery was opened and the suspect will appear in the Kagiso Magistrates’ Court soon facing the aforementioned charges.

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