5 must-know water-saving tech products

Water is a precious resource worth saving.There are some tech products specifically designed to assist in saving water.

South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, is currently battling a drought that has heavily impacted the availability of water. Residents of these drought-stricken areas now make do with water rationing with specific litres placed on the amount of water an individual can use, Standerton Advertiser reports.

Below are some useful water tech products that can assist in saving water.

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Showersave is a simple device that fits between your shower head and hose, and could save an average household 30 litres of water a day. It works by using ‘flow regulator technology’, keeping the flow of water through your shower at a constant 7.6 litre a minute thereby reducing the amount of water wasted every time you shower.

Tap Inserts

These smart little devices help to reduce the flow rate to just five litres a minute, and because they cause the water to aerate, you won’t even notice any difference in pressure. The average household could save around 30 litres a day using these.

Save a flush

Flushing toilets takes up a great amount of water. These bags contain biodegradable polymers which swell on contact with water, so simply pop it in your cistern and it will absorb water thereby reducing the capacity of the cistern. When it’s time to replace, it you can empty the contents of the bag onto your garden, as the polymer will aid water retention in the soil.

Showerhead control valves

These valves are designed to reduce unnecessary water usage. It’s easy to install, and by turning it clockwise, it minuses the shower spray to a trickle level. It’s durable and compatible with all common bath and shower faucet sets.

Garden hose nozzle

It’s a proven fact that an unrestricted garden horse is a major contributor to water wastage in many households and communities. These nozzles offer a choice of seven different spray settings and patterns from full force to a water saving mist enabling more water efficiency, and less water waste.This is ideal for any type of garden project.

Water saving products listed above should go a long way in saving a lot of water.

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