Man who raped stepdaughter, 13, denied bail when it’s discovered she was pregnant

The man made his stepdaughter pregnant, took her to terminate the baby and fled after he allegedly got rid of the foetus.

A man was denied bail on January 30 at the Springs Magistrates’ Court after it was discovered that his stepdaughter (13) was pregnant, African Reporter reports.

The man, who is accused of the rape of his stepdaughter will remain in custody after he fled a bloody scene days before he was arrested.

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It is alleged that a neighbour approached the man’s wife and commented on their daughter’s rapidly changing body.

The woman then confronted her daughter and a pregnancy test proved the girl was pregnant.

The girl then told her mother that her stepfather had been raping her for months.

The woman alleges she then confronted her husband.

It is believed that at that point, the man took both the woman and her 13-year-old daughter, and drove to the Springs CBD.

He took them to a doctor who gave the girl medication to terminate the pregnancy.

On the way back to their home, the young girl had a miscarriage.

Upon arriving home, it is believed the man got rid of the foetus and attempted to clean his car.

Some of the neighbours were suspicious of what the man was doing in his car. They approached him and started questioning him.

Hearing this, the woman then told the community members what happened.

The man fled, but was arrested a few days later.

“We want to thank the public for their involvement in bringing this matter to our attention.

We really encourage parents to report such cases without trying to protect anyone,” says Captain Johaness Ramphora.

Grandmother reports alleged rape of granddaughter by stepdad

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