Potatoes are not just for cooking

Potatoes can be used for everyday cleaning

Potatoes can be used for everyday cleaning

After reading this article, you will start thanking the spud gods for this amazing and flexible vegetable.

The superhero spud is not just for making delicious dishes like mash, fried chips and Simba chips, but the humble potato has so many uses outside of the kitchen, Southlands Sun reports.

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According to the website Care2, a large online community advocating for healthy eating and animal rights, potatoes have the following diverse uses:

  • Cleaning your silverware: Put your silverware in the remaining water and leave it there for about an hour. Then remove the silverware and wash.
  • Remove rust: Cut open a raw potato and rub it on a rusted area: the acid in the potato’s juice will dissolve the rust, while the skin of the potato should remove it.
  • Lose your puffy eyes: Lie down again and apply slices of raw, cold potatoes to your eyes for up to 10 minutes to make that puffiness go away.

Dumped potatoes a welcome sight

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