Tips against smash-and-grab crimes

Police offer sound tips on smash and grabs and hijackings that could save motorists from becoming victims.

An increase in smash-and-grabs crimes has prompted police to offered tips to help motorists avoid becoming victims, Pretoria North Rekord reports:

Always be vigilant

It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Motorists are often distracted when driving, by either texting on their cellphones at an intersection or in some cases women often become victims when applying lipstick.

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Be on the lookout for signs of hotspots

Evidence of broken glass on either the center or on the side of the road are signal flares when approaching an intersection.

These tell you that this particular crossing could be a hotspot for smash-and-grab crimes or hijackings.

Check blind spots when alone at an intersection

Blind spots have become predominantly used in many hijackings as motorists only refer to their mirrors for visibility other cars.

In the unfortunate event of a smash-and-grab, always remain calm, and let the thief take the valuables, as they may be armed. Go to a safe area and call 10111.

Report the crime immediately

It is important to report the crime to police as quickly as possible as this might help in identifying the culprit should they return to the scene of the crime.

Boot it or lose it

Police advise all motorists to always put their valuables in the boot of a car, and to always take precautionary measures when at an intersection.

Police advise all motorists to hoot as many times as possible when they sense that they were being targeted as possible. If possible, drive away.

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