LifeLine Johannesburg to run counselling courses in 2018

Nicole Imerman, LifeLine Connect counselling manager.

Nicole Imerman, LifeLine Connect counselling manager.

Volunteers learn new skills and they will also benefit from personal growth and self-awareness.

A four-month training course is the core requirement to prepare volunteers who want to become LifeLine counsellors and community workers, North Eastern Tribune reports.

In a statement issued on 23 January, Nicole Imerman, LifeLine Connect counselling manager invited volunteers to take advantage of this opportunity to become counsellors.

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According to Imerman, volunteers will not only learn new skills, but they will benefit from the personal growth and self-awareness.

She said an improved ability to listen and relate more meaningfully to others are just some of the skills which can be acquired during the course which will also be beneficial for any work environment. “LifeLine works on the principles of respect, non-judgment and personal responsibility – based on the person-centred approach of Carl Rogers.

“The course is an exciting and challenging process with learning taking place in small groups, each with two experienced LifeLine facilitators.”

The first 12 sessions of module 1, according to Imerman, are devoted to personal growth and self-awareness.

Imerman said trainees are encouraged to learn as much about themselves as they possibly can because LifeLine believes that in order to enter someone else’s world, the counsellor must first know about his or her own world.

The remaining 10 sessions in module 2, focus on learning specific counselling skills, she said.

“Successful completion of both modules offers the opportunity for trainees to apply for a LifeLine counselling internship where further training and mentoring will be given.

“Once qualified, Lifeline Connect counselling volunteers are equipped to provide support to people in distress.”

Some of the volunteers have been with LifeLine Johannesburg for over 20 years, and one counsellor is 84 years old, added Imerman.

LifeLine Johannesburg offers a counselling service which is empathic, non-judgmental, engaging, non-directive, respectful and professional.

Information sessions for the February course will be held on 31 January between 9 am and noon or 7 pm to 10 pm at the Norwood offices.

Details: LifeLine 011 728 1331.

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