Government to ban ‘unhealthy’ tobacco advertising

Advertising promotes tobacco use, and is a threat to public health.

The government has started the process to ban “bad cigarette advertising”, the health department said on Monday, Centurion Rekord reports.

According the department, bad advertising displays tobacco products at till points to lure people to smoke.

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Spokesperson Popo Maja said the amendment would also target e-cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products.

He said the current law was silent e-cigarettes “and other devices used by the tobacco industry to make tobacco use look healthy and attractive”.

“These delivery systems and new devices may contain harmful products that include tobacco and are a threat to public health,” Maja said.

“There is a growing need to protect the health and well-being of users and non-users and comply with the call by the World Health Organisation for all such systems and devices to be regulated. Hence there is a need for the law to be amended to allow for this.”

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