Four cyclists shot at, robbed

Four cyclists shot at, robbed

Michelle and Rex Benson

Four cyclists on their way from Hartbeespoort to Pretoria, were shot at, held at gunpoint and robbed of their belongings on Sunday.

Well-known professional cyclist Michelle Benson, her father, Rex, and two friends were on their way back to Pretoria from Hartbeespoort on the N4 highway after a cycling outing when they were surprised by three robbers who were hiding in the bushes along the road, Kormorant reports.

The robbers, armed with a firearm, shot at the cyclists, forcing them to stop.

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“The three men ‘thankfully’ only took our cellphones, but left us our bikes and Garmins. They then told us to start riding again, and shot at our feet again to give us a little extra motivation to get going,” Michelle Benson wrote on her Facebook page.

“All four of us stayed calm through everything, and even finished our ride. But I don’t know if I have ever felt such mixed emotions – obviously scared for what they would do, disappointment that no car tried to stop and help (but if I were them I don’t think I would have either), anger because in today’s time we cannot even go for a bike ride without fearing for our lives, because our beautiful country is MESSED UP. But mostly I feel so relieved and thankful that God watched over us,” she said.

“I also came to the realisation that we cyclists kid ourselves sometimes by thinking we are safe in numbers. Numbers don’t really help if someone pulls a gun on you.”

Her father, Rex Benson, told the media the one robber fired a shot into the road and a second near his feet. He said he is just thankful that they were unharmed.

A case has been opened with the police.

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