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Woman’s 10 year demon horror

The woman says she was attacked by a beastly creature

The woman says she was attacked by a beastly creature

The family have already spent over R250k trying to find a cure for the supernatural menace.

The 25-year-old woman says the demonic activity started in 2008 while she was still in grade 11, initially starting off with bouts of illness, stomach cramps and fainting before escalating, three years later whilst in college studying to become a travel consultant, into full blown physical attacks that resulted in cut marks on her body spontaneously appearing, Public Eye reports.

Despite numerous hospital admissions doctors were unable to diagnose the mystery affliction says the young woman with her only relief later coming from a prayer group that visited the hospital.

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“Prayer always helped, and the woman praying for me would tell me that the way I was behaving was not medically related,” says the woman.

Not getting any medical explanation or relief she was eventually discharged from hospital in a wheel chair as she was unable to walk. She returned home and opted to share the same bedroom as her younger brother, in case she experienced any difficulty at night.

“As we were sleeping I had a dream about [a] small beastly creature that was kissing me on my cheek and I could feel it biting me on my neck. As I awoke from the dream to my horror the beastly creature I had dreamt about was sleeping between my brother and I,” claims the woman.

“I woke up and called for my mother but no one responded. I switched on the light and went back to sleep thinking it was just a dream, but I could feel something walking around my bed. As I again fell asleep I felt something jump on my chest and start throttling me. I could not move even though my brother was right next to me. I eventually managed to pull the bedside drawer to make a noise which woke my dad who then came to my rescue,” says the woman

The morning after the attack her neck and arms ached but no marks or bruises were visible. A day later, she says, fine cut marks started appearing on her arms, hands and chest.

“These episodes starting occurring more and more frequently. It would start off itchy and then become very painful,” explained the woman claiming that the last attack happened just a week ago displaying the fresh wounds.

The woman’s parents says the family is terrified and feels helpless in dealing with the situation claiming that apart from the apparent demonic attacks on their daughter, they were also receiving untraceable, anonymous threat messages.

Despite turning to priests, pastors and traditional healers the family’s nightmare continues.

“Some have tried to help while others have tried to extort us from money. We’ve witnessed the supernatural, and the impossible. We’ve spent thousands of rands tracing cures and buying camels’ milk that was supposed to help heal our daughter’s wounds,” lamented the parents.

The family have already spent over R250 000 trying to find a cure for the supernatural menace.

“Nothing can ever prepare you to see your child going through torture and pain. The only noise we had in the family was laughter now there’s only terror,” said the mum and dad

President of KwaZulu-Natal branch of the South African Traditional Association, Sazi Mhlongo, said that what the woman had described was concerning and that he has come across similar occurences.

“Preferably I would rather speak to her and go over what she is experiencing and how we can solve the issue together,” said Mhlongo.

Pastor Peter Pillay of New Church in Raisethorpe said he had dealt with many demonic possessions that resembled the family’s ordeal.

“Typically the first symptoms are nightmares followed by inexplicable illness followed by the physical manifestation of the spirit in the real world. The scars are manifestations of the spirit’s attack on the woman,” explained the pastor volunteering to perform an exorcism where he would “command the evil spirit to leave in Jesus’s name”.

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