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5 Jan 2018
11:39 am

Man allegedly sets ex-girlfriend’s home on fire

CNS Reporter

A man, his wife and baby had to flee their home in Block C after it was set on fire in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Several of a couple's belongings were damaged when a man set their house on fire. Photo: Supplied by Tonga SAPS.

A man, 37, his wife, 36, and a three-year-old toddler woke up in the early hours of the morning to find the room they were sleeping in was burning and full of smoke.

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They escaped outside, and the blaze was extinguished by bystanders. The woman and child was unharmed, but the man sustained injuries on his hands and legs, and had to get medical treatment.

The couple are Mozambican nationals, and were renting the room.

During preliminary investigations, police found out that the woman’s ex-boyfriend, who is a Swazi national and the baby’s biological father, had threatened the husband the previous day. The suspect reportedly accused the husband of taking his wife.

The ex-boyfriend also took the woman’s clothes, but police intervened, and they were returned to her.

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