CNS News 4.12.2017 12:59 pm

Man robbed of R100k after withdrawal in Gauteng

Police are still searching for three men who robbed two people of R100k on Thursday.

Benoni SAPS spokesperson Captain Nomsa Sekele said a man and his colleague withdrew money from two separate banks in Benoni on Thursday, Benoni City Times reports.

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The money was placed in a laptop bag.

At about 3.25pm, the two were held up in a parking lot of a local shopping centre.

Sekele said the men, one of whom was armed, made their getaway in a car.

A case of robbery with a firearm has been opened.

Police have in the past warned members of the public not to withdraw large sums of money from banks, as it posed a risk to their safety.

Cop killed, others robbed of guns in Mpumalanga business robbery

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