Africa 17.3.2017 02:08 pm

WATCH: Condoms, bums jiggle at sex worker’s funeral



The sex worker’s coffin was paraded at a bottle store to loud music and twerking.

In the Mashonaland part of Zimbabwe, there is a practice that people follow when they bury their loved one, depending on what they use to do for a living in their time. A doctor will get a coffin that has decorations related to their field of work, such as a stethoscope.

Mourners at a sex worker’s funeral in Harare inflated condoms and took her coffin to a bottle store in celebration of her life. A video of the funeral shows mourners blasting music and dancing to it at the bottle store as they parade her coffin.

Some of the women start twerking.

Watch the video below posted on YouTube by The Zimbabwe News Live:

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