Two months without a drop in the City of Gold

Two months without a drop in the City of Gold

Fani Mogole collects water from the only communal tape with running water in the area, at Itsoseng Informal settlement next to Cosmo City in Johannesburg, 18 February 2019, on water crisis in the area it is alleged that the area hasnt had water for two months. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

The residents of Itsoseng informal settlement just outside Johannesburg’s Northern suburbs are used to getting by with very little but for the past two months they have been forced to endure almost constantly dry taps, with water only running for a few hours in the midnight hours.

They may live within Africa’s richest city, just a stone’s throw away from Johannesburg’s affluent northern suburbs, but somehow a nursery school tucked away in an informal settlement behind Cosmo City has had to make do without a drop of running water for the past two months. Since its establishment in the Itsoseng Informal Settlement (Eskom) located in the far northern part of Johannesburg in 2001, the Little Roses Children Centre had battled with inconsistent supply of water – with the settlement often having no running water for months at a time. An emotional principal, Rosemary Moila, said from the...




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