Dr Zamani Saul – A premier for the people

Dr Zamani Saul – A premier for the people

Premier of the Northern Cape Province, Zamani Saul, speaks to The Citizen at his office in Kimberley, Northern Cape, 10 January 2020. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

‘I was elected by the poor masses to serve them and not to be celebrated,’ says the Northern Cape premier.

In the Northern Cape – the poorest province, with a staggering unemployment rate of 29.8% – civil servants are fighting a losing battle to persuade Premier Dr Zamani Saul to mount his photograph in government buildings, purchase a new vehicle, fly business class or stay in the official residence. Saul, a modest visionary leader on a belt-tightening crusade, wants none of that. Unlike other public representatives who enjoy the trappings of public office: opulence, luxury and patronage – the athletic Saul, who has first-hand experience of growing up in poverty, has reason “to live a normal life”. He said: “Growing...




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