Little girl’s mom’s long wait for documents … and school

Little girl’s mom’s long wait for documents … and school

Primrose Moyo, right, a friend, and daughters Nosipho, front, and Ayanda with their SA birth certificates acquired through the Children's Court. Picture: Supplied

A legal intervention through the Children’s Court eventually led to Nosipho and Ayanda being registered as SA citizens, says their mother, Primrose Moyo.

For 29-year-old Zimbabwean-born Primrose Moyo and her children Nosipho and Ayanda, being stateless has been a battle for survival in SA. Moyo, a domestic worker, has described her journey since arriving with her parents in the country in 1998 and being disallowed to complete schooling, in a video produced by Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR). “I arrived with my parents but stopped school in Grade 11. I could not do matric because I had no documents like a birth certificate. “This made me sad because I was clever. My teacher used to tease me by asking why I was in...




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