Ayesha Ramadhani: ‘Make me safe,’ refugee begs UN

Ayesha Ramadhani: ‘Make me safe,’ refugee begs UN

Some of the 620 Refugees from various African countries camping outside the UNHCR offices in Pretoria, 8 November 2019. The growing group of foreign nationals has been camping outside the offices for more than three weeks wanting to be moved out of the country for fear of xenophobic violence. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Born in Burundi, she has moved around Africa for 25 years, trying to find a safe haven… now she is ready to hit the road again to protect her family.

She thought a life of living like a fugitive had come to an end when she arrived in South Africa, but a fearful Burundian/Congolese woman, Ayesha Ramadhani, is ready to take her children and flee the country they have called home for the past 20 years. Ramadhani, 42, was one of the hundreds of homeless refugees camping for weeks outside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) offices in the affluent suburb of Brooklyn, Pretoria. She and her fellow campers’ plea was for the UN to assist them to find security and solace anywhere in the world, since South...




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