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Picture: Movie Trailer

Picture: Movie Trailer

Kidnappers get more than they wished for.

House on Willow Street, directed by Alistair Orr, is one of the few South African horror movies.

The plot of the movie is based on a daughter of a diamond dealer Katherine (Carlyn Burchell), who gets abducted by a gang in the hope of getting diamonds from her wealthy family.

The gang consists of Hazel (Sharni Vinson), her boyfriend Ade (Steven Ward), Mark (Zino Ventura) and James (Gustav Gerderner).

Now, the movie cuts straight to the chase, as it is not long after the gang keep the young girl hostage to an abandoned warehouse that things start to go completely wrong. It turns out the girl is not as innocent as she looks, as she is possessed.

The film consists of one horrific episode after another, and does not give the viewer time to breathe. The narrative of the movie is also very predictable.

House on Willow was made in South Africa, but there is nothing in the movie to indicate that.

Here are some of the comments about the movie from the viewers:

The producers and director of the movie explains the process of making the movie, watch the video below:

Production: Darkside, Fat Cigar Productions
Distributor: IFC Midnight
Cast: Sharni Vinson, Carlyn Burchell, Steven Ward, Gustav Gerderner, Zino Ventura
Director/editor: Alastair Orr
Screenwriters: Jonathan Jordaan, Alastair Orr
Producers: Zino Ventura, Mirell Lerm Ventura, Alastair Orr
Executive producers: Zino Ventura, Ryan Haidarian, Simon Ratcliffe, Richard West
Director of photography: Brendan Barnes
Production designer: Flo Ballack
Costume designer: Pierre Vinnings
Composer: Andries Smit
86 minutes

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